Spurs’ Jackson has impressive shoe collection

What would you do with millions of dollars?

There are way too many ways to answer this question. I would never work again and spend the rest of my life playing poker every day. Other people would buy nice cars, house, boats, etc.

A lot of women would probably say, “I’d have so many nice pairs of shoes.” Those women are not alone.

San Antonio Spur Stephen Jackson has invested a nice chunk of change in shoes, Nike Air Jordans to be more specific.














On first glance, those pictures just look like they were taken at a Foot Locker, but no, that’s Jackson’s collection of Jordans. I haven’t seen an inventory list of all the pairs he has, but I would imagine he’s got every one that’s ever been made and multiples of most of them.

Professional athletes are well known for spending their salaries on extravagant things, because let’s face it, no one really needs that much money. Jackson’s shoe collecting hobby is probably one of the more normal ways to spend his dough. I’m sure there are some NBA players with much weirder collections.

Images: ProjectSpurs.com