Writer Palooza: Video: Bird calls his shot vs. X-Man

Crossover Chronicles is a relatively new blog, so we decided it was a good idea to introduce you to the crew. We’ve been doing that in a new feature called “Writer-Palooza.”  Over the past few days, we’ve featured one writer, introducing him to you via an original piece, his favorite basketball video, and a wildcard post on any topic that he wants.

We conclude the series today with Managing Editor John Karalis. You can find him on Twitter here.

No one… and I mean NO ONE could talk trash quite like Larry Bird.  I’m kind of glad he existed in the pre-internet days of when you’d watch the local news for highlights and read the box scores in the morning paper.  If he existed today, Bird would be cut down like so many other stars, especially when an opponent tweeted out something Bird said to him on the court. 

There are a million Larry Bird stories, and many of them are equally awesome.  But for my choice of “favorite basketball video,” I’m going with one that may capture Bird in all his glory. 

Celtics at Sonics.  Tie game.  Celtics ball.  In the time out, K.C. Jones is drawing up a play when Larry Bird says “just get me the ball and everyone else get out of the way.”  Then he tells Xaver McDaniel that he’s getting the ball… he’s getting it in this spot… and he’s hitting the shot in X-Man’s face. 

“I didn’t mean to leave two seconds on the clock.”  

If that double didn’t come, Larry would have just waited the extra ticks to make it a buzzer beater. 

Larry was that bad-ass.  Everything about this video is just aweome.