Crossover Chronicles Podcast Episode 3: Playoffs begin

The NBA Playoffs have started! And Crossover Chronicles has you covered.

Start with the latest episode of the Crossover Chronicles Podcast where Philip Rossman-Reich and Jeff Garcia break down the first four games of the Playoffs.

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Crossover Chronicles' Kyle Boenitz adds his thoughts on the first day of the Playoffs below.

Boston Celtics/New York Knicks: Game 1

–       Carmelo Anthony shoots a lot. Like A WHOLE LOT (newsflash, right?), but I get the impression that his teammates don’t mind.

–       It’s also intriguing that the Celtics seem to know he’s going to shoot, but still can’t do anything about it.

–       It’s hard to say anyone is more important to the Knicks than Anthony, but J.R. Smith is close. He’s really accepted and thrived in his sixth man role.

–       Jason Terry has been downgraded from jet to paper airplane. It’s like he’s part of the Mavericks’ deterioration since their championship, even though he’s not with the team anymore.

–       What an embarrassing second half for the Celtics. Anyone still want to argue that they’re “better off” without Rajon Rondo?

Golden State Warriors/Denver Nuggets: Game 1

–       If Stephen Curry can play that bad (first half) and the Warriors can still stay in the game on the road, this might be a lot closer of a series than I thought.

–       JaVale McGee has clearly put his Washington Wizards days behind him. He’s still very emotional, but man is he putting his freakish athletic abilities to use.

–       Andre Miller belongs in the category with Tim Duncan of players who keep getting older but they just don’t seem to drop off. Not saying Miller is as good as Duncan is, but he’s maintained a solid level of play for so long.

–       Why was a rookie forward (Draymond Green) guarding a point guard (Andre Miller) on the last possession of the game? There’s not really any doubt on the coaching level discrepancy between George Karl and Mark Jackson, but this sort of put an exclamation point on it.

–       The Nuggets maintain their home magic, but that was a lot closer than I would have predicted.

Chicago Bulls/Brooklyn Nets: Game 1

–       If the Nets can shoot 60% for the rest of the playoffs, they might have a shot at beating the Heat.

–       Are the Nets this good or are the Bulls just this bad?

–       I’m definitely a “Western Conference guy” so I don’t see Deron Williams as much as I used to, but man that guy is amazing.

–       If there were any doubts about whether Derrick Rose might try and come back during this year’s playoffs, this game seals it. This team isn’t worth coming back for.

–       Is “Brooooooklyn, Broooooooklyn” the best chant the Nets fans can come up with? You play in the Barclays Center, a company that sponsors English Premier League soccer. Sing something!

–       I wish this had been the last game of the night so I could have gone to bed early, but I’m too excited for…

Memphis Grizzlies/Los Angeles Clippers: Game 1

–       Last year this series went seven games. Three of them were decided by two points or less and a fourth went to overtime. Needless to say, I have high expectations.

–       If there’s not some sort of fight/brawl by the end of this series, I’ll be disappointed.

–       Grizzlies definitely don’t have the depth to be getting in such bad foul trouble early on. The Clippers would probably be OK. Depth and home court advantage probably two of the biggest factors in this series.

–       Seems like a very Chauncey Billups thing to do to miss most of the regular season and come alive in the playoffs.

–       A LOT of fouls in this game (57 in this game for both teams combined compared to 40 in BOS/NY, 39 in GS/DEN and 38 in CHI/BKN). I guess that’s to be expected from two of the more intense defending teams in the West, but it really messes up the pace.

–       37 point fourth quarter for the Clippers. Coffee is for closers.

–       Not sure I see this one going seven. I’m intrigued to see how good the Clippers can be. The Grizzlies have a lot to work on before Tuesday’s Game 2.