Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 7

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images/ZimbioNew York Knicks/Boston Celtics: Game 3

–       First game in Boston since the bombing. I always think it’s weird when they connect traumatic events to sports because you spend the pregame honoring the victims then you have to go out and forget about it to try and win a game. I understand the significance and how important it is, it just seems out of place at a sporting event to me.

–       Paul Pierce opens the game with a blown layup. Seems on par with what the Celtics have been doing in this series. Wondering if it’s a sign we’re going to see more of the same.

–       The ability of Carmelo Anthony to get shots off over outstretched arms is just ridiculous. It’s even crazier that they usually go in too.

–       Celtics with 31 points at halftime… yeah.

–       J.R. Smith is one of those guys that you’re always going to have to worry about his ability to keep his cool. Gets ejected, probably deserves a suspension too.

–       Hoping the second round of games is a lot more exciting or I am going to fall asleep.

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Mark J. Terrill/APSan Antonio Spurs/Los Angeles Lakers: Game 3

–       No Kobe. No Steve Blake. No Steve Nash. The Lakers are either going to come out like they have nothing to lose, play well and keep it tight or they’re going to lose by 40.

–       I picked Dwight Howard for my playoff survivor league thinking the Spurs will not care if he scores 60 because no one else on the team will score.

–       Howard in foul trouble early on again. Just what the Lakers need.

–       Even when Metta World Peace accidentally hits somebody in the head it looks dirty.

–       The Spurs can really just put the rest of this series on cruise control. Biggest thing right now is making sure they stay healthy for next round.

–       I wonder what Kobe thinks when he watches his team suck without him.

–       Ok, so it was just 30, not 40.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images/ZimbioDenver Nuggets/Golden State Warriors: Game 3

–       I cannot remember ever watching an NBA playoff game on ESPN2. I am thinking this game will be much better than the other though.

–       Switching back and forth between this game and the Spurs/Lakers game… SO MUCH YELLOW!

–       Corey Brewer has always given off a “ball hog” vibe to me. Luckily for the Nuggets he’s hitting and has 12 points at half.

–       Anthony Randolph must have been taking goaltending lessons from JaVale McGee. He swatted the ball volleyball-style when it was going to barely graze the rim. Dumb play in a close game.

–       Dumb fouls, goaltends, etc. It is like the Nuggets really don’t want to win this game. I guess this is the downside of having a lot of young guys on the team.

–       Lots of talk about whether or not Denver could win without a “star” player. Ty Lawson wants to be the star.

–       Not a Nuggets fan by any means, but I really wish that half court shot from Andre Iguodala had gone in. Impressive 2-1 series lead for the Warriors. This series is the best one. By far.