April Autopsy: Minnesota Timberwolves

Tuesday night in Oracle Arena, the Minnesota Timberwolves reminded the NBA that although they didn’t come close to earning a playoff berth this season, they’re going to be heard from in the future. The question is: “How much?” The Timberwolves are definitely going to win more in the coming years, as long as Karl-Anthony Towns […]

Watch: Andrew Wiggins posterizes Willie Cauley-Stein

Andrew Wiggins took this right to the hoop with authority and nobody was going to stop him….. Andrew Wiggins made Willie Cauley-Stein look like a normal human being on this dunk! — SB Nation GIF (@SBNationGIF)

Can Anthony Bennett’s career be saved?

Anthony Bennett was the number one overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. You could make the argument that he’s been the worst No. 1 draft pick in the history of the NBA. It is pretty tough to top Greg Oden and Kwame Brown, but Bennett is in the process of earning this dubious distinction. […]

Denver takes a ragged fourth… and Minnesota fans want to drink a fifth

It was — and will likely remain — the worst fourth quarter of NBA basketball this season. In 12 minutes of professional hoops, two teams combined to produce 21 points. It’s one thing when such a retina-searing sequence emerges in the first quarter of a game, in a half-empty arena, between two teams playing the […]

NBA Moments: The Future Appears In Orlando

Wednesday night in Orlando, the NBA did not stage the Rising Stars Challenge, the annual part of All-Star Weekend which is more informally known as the rookie game or the futures game. However, the clash between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Orlando Magic easily could have been mistaken for it. Youthfulness will produce inconsistency and […]

The Timberwolves lost because of a horrible basketball rule

Monday night, the Minnesota Timberwolves — having paid tribute to Flip Saunders — wanted to make the moment count in their home opener against the Portland Trail Blazers. Andrew Wiggins wanted to make a moment, period. In the final minute of regulation, he did… for the wrong reasons. With the Timberwolves trailing, 103-101, Wiggins did […]

Timberwolves Only Need To Worry About Andrew Wiggins and NBA Draft, That’s It

The offseason has already started for every NBA franchise, sans the two participating in the Finals. Free agency, the NBA draft, severing ties from some players and re-signing others, as well as the development of current inhabitants of their rosters are all part of the process. These are all huge cogs in the wheel, central components […]

Rookie of the Year: Should There Be A Winner?

The regular season is in its last couple of weeks, which means it’s award season. It’s a tight race for many of the awards this year, but one of the handouts might be close for the wrong reason. The Rookie of the Year, who will win it? It took me awhile to figure out who […]

Andrew Wiggins really likes to posterize Utah’s Gobert

So Utah’s Rudy Gobert ego might be in shambles right now courtesy of Wolves’ Andrew Wiggins. As if getting posterized once was bad enough, Gobert got smashed on twice by Wiggins in the same game and the last dunk was simply filthy. Check out the big man getting abused by Wiggins.  

Wiggins vs. LeBron… the showdown

Timberwolves rookie Andrew Wiggins found himself being defended by perhaps the best basketball player in the world – LeBron James. Did Wiggins fold and succumb to the aura of James and wilt? Naw! Wiggins took it to James and ended up making LeBron look like his feet were in cement. Take it to him young one! […]

Minnesota paper welcomes T-Wolves new acquisitions

This afternoon, Minnesota and Cleveland were (finally) able to complete their blockbuster deal sending Kevin Love to the Cavaliers with Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and Thaddeus Young (from the 76ers) to the Timberwolves. Of course, the trade call took place in the afternoon. But you cannot blame the Timberwolves for jumping the gun. They took […]