NBA Updates: Latest News From Around The League 12/5/16

There are many stories swirling around the NBA right now, even though we’re in the middle of the season, which is when usually the stories tend to wind down. From suspensions to trade rumors, here are the following are your updated NBA stories from around the league as of Monday the fifth: Rajon Rondo has […]

Win or lose, Memphis just got a lot more interesting with Lance Stephenson

There’s that point when you’re going on Spring Break to Florida or Texas or somewhere warm where you finally, after that long drive, hit within a few blocks of the hotel you’re staying at. You can smell that ocean air. Every girl walking around is a in a bikini and looks like a 10. And […]

How Mario Chalmers And An Uptick in Foul Shooting Have Revitalized The Grizzlies

The Spurs beat the Grizzlies down on Thursday, 103-83. For the umpteenth season in a row, San Antonio is very, very strong — its ever-ready offense now equipped with a bronzed defense that is holding opponents captive in a straight jacket as they sing for Brazil. It might be a three-team league this season. Golden State […]

Matt Barnes, NBA Security, and a Race Witch Hunt

Deep breaths, everyone. It is well known by know that Matt Barnes went all Temecula on Derek Fisher, because the latter was apparently going with the former’s ex. Since this is the NBA and all, many people have reported that NBA Security was unaware of the situation, but that it was going to look into […]

Matt Barnes And The Memphis Problem

Let’s start this piece with two acknowledgments, in defense of the Memphis Grizzlies (pun intended): First, the Western Conference is unfair. The defending champions from Oakland, the Golden State Warriors, didn’t make any moves because they didn’t need to. Meanwhile, though, the San Antonio Spurs brought in LaMarcus Aldridge and some other reinforcements. The Los […]

Examining the Charlotte Hornets and Portland Trail Blazers Nicolas Batum Deal

The Charlotte Hornets’ makeover seems to be nearing completion, while the Portland Trail Blazers’ could just be starting. Hornets general manager Rich Choo understood he couldn’t go into next season with a lack of spacing and has made legitimate headway in righting the issue. First, he dealt off Lance Stephenson to the Los Angeles Clippers […]

Matt Barnes kid dressed up as Steph Curry for school

This is pretty awesome. Matt Barnes kids had to dress up like someone they looked up to for school. One of them picked Barnes. The other picked Steph Curry! 2day for school the boys had to dress up as someone they look up too.. Carter chose daddy & the clippers, Isaiah chose steph curry & […]

Matt Barnes pulls a Popovich in halftime interview

Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is known for his short, surly, and often mean-spirited interviews with media. Well it looks like the Clippers’ Matt Barnes took a page out of Pop’s book with his version surliest and short interview with a local L.A. reporter. To Matt’s credit, he was just getting over a dispute with […]

Clippers’ Matt Barnes, DeAndre Jordan’s costumes are outstanding

It seems Clippers’ Matt Barnes and DeAndre Jordan had some fun this past Labor Day when they attended a party dressed up as Prince and Jimmy Hendrix. DeAndre just nailed the Hendrix look. Seriously he looks just like the great rock star. Barnes, well, sort of, kind of looks like Prince. Welcome to the NBA […]

Matt Barnes looking for his aunt’s killer

Clippers forward Matt Barnes is spreading the word around Sacramento to catch one of the city’s most wanted. Barnes’ aunt was apparently murdered last week and the prime suspect is still at-large in Sacramento. Barnes took to social media to request assistance from Sacramento and California residents in locating this man and contacting his police. […]