Dave Joerger dominoes: start with the Grizzlies themselves

Whether Dave Joerger fired himself, or the Memphis Grizzlies essentially made Joerger fire himself, one thing’s for sure: The Grizzlies remain one of the strangest organizations in the NBA — not necessarily in a bad way, but with a clarity which is impossible to ignore. Some organizations are well-run, others immensely dysfunctional. The Grizzlies just […]

2016 NBA Free Agency: The Top 5 Players At Each Position

I know the 2016 NBA free agency period is still a while away, but rumors are heating up about certain players and their potential futures (or lack there of) with their current teams. The 2016 free agency period will be a steady one. It’s not the best we’ve ever seen, but it’s still solid nonetheless. […]

How Mario Chalmers And An Uptick in Foul Shooting Have Revitalized The Grizzlies

The Spurs beat the Grizzlies down on Thursday, 103-83. For the umpteenth season in a row, San Antonio is very, very strong — its ever-ready offense now equipped with a bronzed defense that is holding opponents captive in a straight jacket as they sing for Brazil. It might be a three-team league this season. Golden State […]

Matt Barnes And The Memphis Problem

Let’s start this piece with two acknowledgments, in defense of the Memphis Grizzlies (pun intended): First, the Western Conference is unfair. The defending champions from Oakland, the Golden State Warriors, didn’t make any moves because they didn’t need to. Meanwhile, though, the San Antonio Spurs brought in LaMarcus Aldridge and some other reinforcements. The Los […]

The Top 10 Stories From The 2015 NBA Playoffs

The NBA Finals are their own separate creature, given the matchup of teams from opposite conferences, over a full week after the completion of the conference finals. We’ve reviewed the Eastern and Western Conference playoffs in stand-alone pieces. Now, let’s look at the top 10 stories to emerge from both conferences over the past six […]

Retaining Gasol a must for Memphis as title window begins to close

The Memphis Grizzlies have come a long way. The first fifteen seasons of their existence would have been best described as an utter joke. Horrendous ownership forced a move to Tennessee after only six tumultuous, Bryant Reeves-filled years in Vancouver — a stint that yielded just 124 total wins for the organization. Once in Memphis, […]

Curry Over Harden: Game 6s Show MVP Voters Got It Right

Two teams playing Game 6s on the road, one trying to extend its season, one trying to close out a series. Two men who just a month ago were the subjects of the NBA’s heated MVP debate, facing the challenge of leading their teams to victory. Two third quarters that went in opposite directions. Steph […]

After Five Games, The Playoffs Finally Start For The Warriors

Well, it took a while to get here, but the 2015 NBA Playoffs arrived in Oakland on Tuesday night. I’m not sure what it was we were watching through four games with New Orleans and Game 1 of the Memphis series, but it wasn’t the NBA playoffs. Even I, a grizzled veteran of many NBA […]

Western Conference Semifinal: Grizzlies-Warriors Series Preview

The second round of the Western Conference playoffs begins on Sunday. Get excited! Uhhhh no, probably don’t get too excited. The Golden State Warriors versus the Memphis Grizzlies seemed like an interesting Western Conference semifinal matchup on paper earlier in the year. There was a time during the regular season when, if you told me […]

Mike Conley got crossed, dropped, and CP opened up shop

Oh boy! The Clippers’ Chris Paul just committed a crime. He murdered Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley. His weapon of choice? A killer crossover that left Conley crashing to the court and dropped loads of humiliation upon him. R.I.P. Mike’s ankles. They will be missed.

Grizzlies weather Thunder’s improbable heroics

Kevin Durant was going to have his heroics. Impossible four-point plays from the corner that turned a sure thing into a bunch of doubt. How do you come back for overtime after leading the entire game only to see THAT happen followed by the most improbable of things — a Kendrick Perkins layup to tie […]

Thunder make their mark

The Thunder coasted for the first half, hung on for the second and took down a Game One victory with only the slightest bit of warning from the Grizzlies. Oklahoma City built as much as a 25-point lead in the first half and held a 20-point lead at halftime. It looked easy for Kevin Durant […]