Frank Vogel: the latest to lose the star player-front office-coach war

Much like any good horror movie, the first one of the group to die off is usually the one that has the least power in the group and is thus deemed the most easily replaceable. The NBA works much the same. The Pacers’ extinguishing of Frank Vogel from the franchise via the ole passive aggressive […]

Larry Bird suggests the Pacers are moving on from Frank Vogel… but we’ll see

If the Indiana Pacers were a relationship conversation, it’d be the ole lukewarm, “I don’t really like you that much anymore, but I haven’t yet figured out quite how to tell you.” I have no knowledge of Larry Bird and Frank Vogel’s texting habits, but on the outside, it feels like Frank is in the zone […]

Pacers may need wholesale changes, and soon

The Chicago Bulls were dead to rights Tuesday night. Losers of four straight, including two to the languishing Knicks and one to the perpetually awful Orlando Magic, they trailed the Indiana Pacers in their home gym late in spite of easily putting in more physical effort over the course of the game. At three games […]

The Lakers’ issues go far beyond Byron Scott

Los Angeles Laker head coach Byron Scott makes himself an easy target. He did so once again when speaking with the media on Wednesday, as his team gets set to head out on a five-game road trip. Lakers HC Byron Scott on young players: “I’m not always thinking about necessarily developing them. I’m always thinking […]

Monta Ellis snag puts Pacers back in title-chasin’ pack

Hit us up on Twitter @CrossoverNBA The 2015 NBA free agent pool was a little polluted or at worst, someone tinkled in the deep end and didn’t tell anyone. If it was missing one thing in particular, it was a host of “go get it” guys. The Indiana Pacers may have just scored the best […]

David West’s opt-out surprising but fantastic for Pacers

Tip us in on Twitter @CrossoverNBA Someone buy David West’s agent a round. He might need it here sometime before the end of the night. In a move that mostly went under the radar amidst more entertaining stuff like “WHO WILL MY TEAM DRAFT!?!?”, West opted out of his final contract year with the Indiana […]

Brook Lopez fails miserably at attacking Pacers’ Hibbert on offense

Oh Brook! Against the Pacers, the Nets’ Brook Lopez found himself one-on-one on the offensive side of the court against the Pacers’ Roy Hibbert. Lopez sized Hibbert up, did a few fake moves with the ball and… tripped up on the floor, got his head stuck in Roy’s crotch, turned the ball over and even […]

Suns’ Dragic takes a shot at Roy Hibbert

Sooooooooooo when do the Suns and Pacers play next? Phoenix guard Goran Dragic decided to give Indy’s Roy Hibbert some locker room material by calling him out and saying he is the easiest player to shoot over when he gets to the rim. BOOM! Hibbert does have a rep as being a player who fizzles and […]

Hawks flying blind

There is nothing wrong with average, is there? A lot of people believe being average is a good thing. After all, it is better to be average than below it. Stop asking yourself, “where is he going with this?” I am getting there. Ironically, the Atlanta Hawks aren’t going anywhere. Atlanta has been a team lost in space, […]

Pacer Obituary: They Talked Too Much

On the next to last night of May, every NBA writer is cranking out an obituary for the Indiana Pacers. You will read, in some form or fashion, the first of many words about this team, words such as “unpredictable,” “volatile,” “erratic,” “immature,” and “unprepared.” You’re going to read about a team that reached Game […]

Climbing With Confidence: The Road Ahead For The Pacers

The Indiana Pacers are climbing the Mount Everest of the NBA. The first several thousand feet in Game 1 were easy, but as soon as the ascent became more challenging, the surrounding atmosphere unleashed the indiscriminating fury of Mother Nature. Some winds picked up and blew right in the faces of the Pacers, blurring David […]

If Pacers win tonight, this series will be theirs to win

After squeaking by the No. 8 seed Atlanta Hawks in the first round and shakily dispatching the No. 5 seed Washington Wizards in the second round, the Eastern Conference’s top-seeded Indiana Pacers are up against the back-to-back defending champion Miami Heat. And you know what, after just one game they are playing pretty darn well […]

5 Keys to the Heat-Pacers Eastern Conference Finals

Well, here we are again. The long road to the conference finals has brought us the two teams we thought we would see anywhere. It was not easy for the Pacers, that is for sure, but they got everything they wanted. Home court against the Heat in the conference finals. Last year’s seven-game classic seems […]