April Autopsy: Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz were stung near the end of the season by established veterans who used to play for them. The Jazz will feel the pain of their loss to Dallas — and their inability to make the playoffs — over the next several months. Yet, if the Jazz lost the battle in 2016, they’re […]

The Utah Jazz encounter another gut-punch moment in their snake-bitten history

The Utah Jazz aren’t an inept organization. They haven’t endured dysfunctional ownership situations or suffered in the face of incompetent management — not for long periods of time, at any rate. Yes, Ty Corbin coached this team for a period of time and destroyed a lot of stomach linings in Salt Lake City, but decades […]

The night the NBA began to worry

That’s an admittedly alarmist title, but it’s not exactly untrue. Tuesday night was the night the NBA began to worry… about the health of many of its best players. Bradley Beal did not play in what was one of the most anticipated early-season games on the schedule, the clash between Beal’s Washington Wizards and the […]

Way-Too-Early NBA Predictions: Wildly Guessing the Major Award Winners, Part 1

Can’t wait for the 2015-’16 season to start? We neither. Now that most of the off-season’s major moves are complete, we’ll dive into some ludicrously premature predictions for next season. Last week we wrapped up our projected standings for the 2015-’16 season. For the next few weeks, we’ll dive into some predictions for this seasons […]

Andrew Wiggins really likes to posterize Utah’s Gobert

So Utah’s Rudy Gobert ego might be in shambles right now courtesy of Wolves’ Andrew Wiggins. As if getting posterized once was bad enough, Gobert got smashed on twice by Wiggins in the same game and the last dunk was simply filthy. Check out the big man getting abused by Wiggins.  

Bogut doesn’t want to share with Gobert

I guess the Warriors’ Andrew Bogut didn’t learn the meaning of sharing when he was growing up in Australia. During the Warriors-Jazz recent game, Utah’s Rudy Gobert was soaking in sweat and needed some help from Bogut. Seeing him grab himself a towel to dry off, Rudy decided to see if Bogut would be a […]

Nene doesn’t care for Gobert and his defense

Yeah this is going to sting a bit for Utah’s Rudy Gobert. Against the Wizards, Gobert was on the wrong end of a powerful, ego-crushing dunk courtesy of Nene. Check out Nene making Gobert look silly and the Wizards’ bench jumping out of their seats

Why NBA fans love Rudy Gobert and the Utah Jazz

The NBA is full of fantastic mini-barometers used to measure just how closely one person is following along or not. Unlike following a popular TV show, where “I’m not caught up yet” is a permissible excuse for abbreviating any discussion (i.e. every dinner/coffee/party conversation in my proximity that ventures near Breaking Bad), sports fans are expected to […]

Growing Giannis Antetokounmpo

Revisiting old drafts is an intoxicating habit for any sports dweeb fan. The 2013 NBA draft class has been fascinating to watch for this reason — it’s less than two years later and the entire lottery would be ripped up and thrown out if the GMs (and former GMs) could do it all over again. It’s […]

Enes Kanter wants out of Utah

Enes Kanter and the Utah Jazz were pretty chummy for a long time, but things started deteriorating this off season when Kanter and the Jazz decided not extend his contract. The team already gave Derrick Favors an extension so they decided to see how Kanter panned out as a full-time starter. Well, it seems we […]

Watch J-Smoove get revenge on Utah’s Gobert after getting blocked

Getting blocked might rank high on an NBA player’s list of humiliating things to happen to them on the court. It’s demoralizing and gets into your head if you are trying to get back to the rim knowing the big man is ready to pack the shot. But if your Houston’s Josh Smith, you just […]