Dances with Timberwolves: Tom Thibodeau gets Towns, Wiggins… and power

The NBA needed a jolt during a yawn-inducing playoff week, and Tom Thibodeau happily obliged. The former head coach of the Chicago Bulls, also the architect of the 2008 world champion Boston Celtics’ defense under then-coach Doc Rivers, will not merely be the new head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Owner Glen Taylor handed the […]

What is the plan, Phil? It’s goink to be a fascinating summer in New York

Our latest soap-operatic tale from Madison Square Garden begins with two other NBA franchises which are very experienced at failing to get out of their own way. The Sacramento Kings got blown out by the Brooklyn Nets Friday night, one dysfunctional organization losing to another. The Kings’ higher-ups were so incensed with that defeat that they […]

Rocket re-launch: Houston’s search for Kevin McHale’s replacement

Did the Houston Rockets fire Kevin McHale too early? That’s a legitimate question, but it’s a separate conversation. Daryl Morey has already made a decision. He now has to plot his next move and, accordingly, determine the future of this organization. * The interim coach of the Rockets, taken from the pool of McHale’s assistants, […]

The 5 Greatest NBA Non-Title Teams

NBA immortality is typically measured in rings. There are non-title teams that leave such a permanent mark on the sport, however, that their significance transcends counting championships. As Matt Zemek and I have discussed throughout the month, most of the greatest teams are spearheaded by the sport’s greatest players — elite talent makes elite teams. There […]

The Chicago Bulls, and the culture of fitting in

Hit us up on Twitter @CrossoverNBA Have you ever been a part of a panel job interview? And I’m not talking about being the sweating dude with a bunch of resumes on the other side of the desk. I’m talking about being the one asking the questions. Sometime after all of the candidates have been […]

Tom Thibodeau Could Tell Phil Jackson: It’s Not “Goink” Very Well

Reaction to the firing of Tom Thibodeau as the head coach of the Chicago Bulls has acquired all shapes and sizes, flowing in every possible direction. There’s a general consensus about the situation in terms of the relationship between Thibodeau and management, and when Adrian Wojnarowski weighs in, you can reliably view his assessment as […]

The Chicago Bulls, Fred Hoiberg, Tom Thibodeau, and Rumors Versus Reality

Injured, banged up, with rumors of an impending firing of Tom Thibodeau whenever the season was to be over, the Chicago Bulls are no longer in the NBA playoffs. Sad face, right? Well, maybe not if you are management, which has reportedly been wanting to fire Thibodeau when the season was over. That time is now […]

Chicago Fired: The Bulls’ Game 4 Loss Gives Management A Reason To Terminate Thibs

If the 2015 NBA Playoffs have told us anything about the league’s head coaches, they’ve generally affirmed the conventional wisdom on a number of fronts. Doc Rivers: elite. David Blatt, as Crossover Chronicles writer Joseph Nardone explained, is reaffirming all the wrong public perceptions at the moment.  Tom Thibodeau of the Chicago Bulls? His level […]

Tom Thibodeau Finally Gives In… And Gets Results For The Bulls

This was a special, iconic moment for Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls: While the incredible Rose shot is what will be remembered from Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, the reasoning that put the Chicago Bulls in position for that to happen is what interests me most. In any aspect of life, leaving […]

The Rush To Want Monty Williams Out Of New Orleans Is Understandable… But Premature

One can certainly look at the New Orleans Pelicans’ “sweeping” exit from the 2015 NBA Playoffs and conclude that head coach Monty Williams is not likely to lead this franchise to greater riches. However, there’s a difference between “not likely” and “certain,” and it’s this fundamental point which sits at the heart of the matter […]

The 5 Coaches With The Most To Prove In The NBA Playoffs

The 2015 NBA Playoff bracket is set. The show starts Saturday with a quadrupleheader. Our site will (Crossover) Chronicle the playoffs, and over the next few days, you’ll find plenty to read on the NBA’s postseason before the first game tips just after 3 p.m. Eastern on April 18. More will be said on teams […]

Everyone says Derrick Rose is back . . . is it true this time?

For two years, we have waited for Derrick Rose. There have been glimpses of his return from injury. Pregame workouts in sweats, but barely anything wearing that familiar Bulls jersey. His 10-game cameo last year showed he was still trying to gain confidence at game speed. A torn meniscus stopped that process before it could […]

The Celtics Hesitation to Make a Change Might Cost Them

Ainge has some tough decisions to make with this team going forward, and how he handles them could cost him his job As one of the NBA's most established and successful franchises, the Boston Celtics aren't accustomed to mediocrity and are used to winning, especially since the summer of '07 when they added Ray Allen […]