Zach LaVine is developing into a polished scoring threat for Minnesota

Throughout his short NBA career, Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Zach LaVine has been known for one thing: his high-flying dunks. Ever since his days at UCLA, all people could talk about was his athleticism and high-flying acrobatics. However, its only for so long you can hold that moniker until people wonder if that is all […]

Lou Williams continues to shoulder the offensive workload for Lakers

This week, has been an amazing week of basketball for Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Lou Williams. Williams, who is the Lakers’ sixth man coming off the bench, has been tasked with the duty of shouldering the offensive workload for a team without Jose Caledron, D’Angelo Russell, and Nick Young. Without Russell, the Lakers are […]

Can Anthony Davis win both the MVP and scoring title?

New Orleans Pelicans superstar forward Anthony Davis is looking to accomplish a feat that hasn’t been done since the 1999-00 season by Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. The feat that he is trying to carry out is winning both the MVP and scoring title as a big man. As I mentioned, O’Neal was the last […]

Fear the Deer: Bucks make a long-term investment in Giannis Antetokounmpo

Last season for the Milwaukee Bucks was underwhelming to say the least. They finished with a record of 33-49, missed the playoffs after giving the Chicago Bulls a tough first round matchup the previous season, and the Greg Monroe experiment has not worked out thus far. However, there was one bright spot from last season […]

Dion Waiters deal signals the end of 2016 free agency money grab

When you’re a kind on Halloween, you go out whenever dusk starts to set in and bang on doors using code words for free candy and go on your merry way with every house that has a porch light on. For the most part, you go around a neighborhood or a general area until at […]

Three players making an impact at the NBA Summer League

The NBA Summer League is the association’s annual summer showcase, where basketball players from all walks of life, lace up their sneakers and play in front NBA and international personnel trying to make a name for themselves. In particular, this summer, all the attention has been on top picks Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram, Jaylen Brown, […]

Five best free agents available after the madness

NBA free agency is sort of like Christmas for kids. They get up, tear open presents at a clip that suggests they barely know what they’re getting, and then within a fairly short period of time, it’s over and you have the rest of the day where they sit around wondering where all the excitement […]

Cavaliers’ execution, not strategy, doomed them in Game 1

The general narrative following Game 1 of the NBA Finals was that if the Golden State Warriors could beat the Cleveland Cavaliers by 15 with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson scoring only 20 points combined, the Cavs stand no chance in this series. I disagree. Well, sort of. I completely agree that the Cavs have […]

The Finals: nobody asked me, but Warriors in 5

This is going to be a (relatively) short post, so no need to get too comfortable. I’m really surprised by how many really smart basketball people are expecting the Warriors to take six or even seven games to win the 2016 NBA Finals. I’ll take a few guesses at the reasoning behind that in a […]

The Cavs step into their alternate universe

The Cleveland Cavaliers began this long season in late October with the hope that after losing the 2015 NBA Finals, they could eclipse the Golden State Warriors in the league’s pecking order. On Monday, January 18, they realized that was not likely to happen… unless the Warriors failed to make the 2016 Finals, felled by […]

Kyrie and Love face the heat, but J.R. Smith remains the Cavs’ wild card

The Golden State Warriors survived J.R. Smith in last year’s NBA Finals — mostly because they were better than the Cleveland Cavaliers, but partly because J.R.’s shot didn’t come alive until it was too late for his team. Remember how Game 6 ended? It was seemingly a done deal midway through the fourth quarter. The […]

The Cavaliers’ biggest weapon has been their 3-point shooting

The 2016 NBA Finals will reunite the Cleveland Cavaliers and the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors. The Cavaliers are four wins away from capturing their first NBA championship, and it would not have been possible if they did not make a coaching change earlier in the season. In January, general manager David Griffin decided […]

Steve Kerr excelled in very understated ways against OKC

If I had to identify the coach who performed better in the just-concluded Western Conference Finals, I would rate Billy Donovan higher than Steve Kerr. However, this hardly means Kerr performed poorly. Kerr’s lineup combinations were not as effective or transformative as Donovan’s roster manipulations, but the coach of the Golden State Warriors crafted a […]

Feat of Klay: Thompson makes a splash in the West Finals

One of the most enduring debates in the NBA the past two seasons has involved the Golden State Warriors’ second- and third-best players, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. You will note that Draymond is positioned first and Klay second. That’s because I firmly thought Draymond was the better — or if not better, more indispensable […]