April Autopsy: Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz were stung near the end of the season by established veterans who used to play for them. The Jazz will feel the pain of their loss to Dallas — and their inability to make the playoffs — over the next several months. Yet, if the Jazz lost the battle in 2016, they’re […]

The sad and intriguing race for the eighth seed in the West

How much worth is there in obtaining a chance to be demolished by the Golden State in the first round of the playoffs? It depends on whom you ask. For a team like Sacramento, which has gone nine straight seasons without a playoff berth, reaching the postseason as the eighth seed in the Western Conference […]

Winners and losers of the NBA Draft

The NBA Draft is a little more than a day old. Teams are introducing their new picks across the league and there is a lot of excitement building for what the future holds. Fan bases today are either energized or a bit disheartened they did not get the guy they really wanted. It is a […]