Take that, DeAndre: Rick Carlisle guides Dirk and Dallas to the playoffs

Rick Carlisle has won a world championship. He has firmly established himself as one of the NBA’s five best coaches. Yet, his 2016 season — for reasons totally beyond his control — might get lost in the tides of history. In a season defined by the supreme excellence of the Golden State Warriors and San […]

The Mavericks win a vital game against the Blazers, but that barely scratches the surface

Sunday afternoon in the American Airlines Center, the Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers played one of the more thrilling and remarkable games of the 2016 NBA season. The considerable importance of the game only magnified the proceedings. Mavs-Blazers was packed with fun, craziness and intensity, offering something for fans with wildly disparate tastes. The game […]

Too Little, Too Late: Same Tired Lines Haunt Post-Title Mavericks

Watching the present iteration of the Dallas Mavericks, I’m distracted by what could have been. The final vestiges of Deron Williams, former Utah Jazz superstar, and earlier than that, consensus All-American out of Illinois, have brought the ex-All-Star back to his hometown to team up with another thirty-something in their closing stanzas as a professional athletes. Williams, only […]

What if Kevin Durant asks for a trade?

It’s a hypothetical that’s never going to happen, but we’re going to have some fun with anyway. What could the Oklahoma City Thunder get in a trade if Kevin Durant tells general manager Sam Presti he won’t be returning? Durant has one year and just over $20 million left on his contract. In this scenario […]

Watch: Deron Williams nails miracle three as shot clock expires

Late in the fourth quarter, with his team down two points Deron Williams hit the biggest shot of the game. He was double-teamed but kept his dribble alive, turned and threw up what looked to be a prayer and he hit nothing but the bottom of the net. After shooting like a man who had […]

It looks like Deron Williams is really back

The last few years for Deron Williams have been extremely tough. It is not that Williams has missed a ton of games — he played in 64 last year and 78 the year before — it was just that it was clear Williams was not the same kind of player. He did not have the […]

Deron Williams and Kobe Bryant engage in an unlikely war of words

It is no secret Deron Williams of the Brooklyn Nets has not been all that great in the past few seasons. He was consistently one of the few best point guards in the NBA throughout his time in Utah, and after a decent start with New Jersey/Brooklyn, injuries have claimed a lot of his productivity. So it is […]

Let the Nets rumors begin

The Nets had a payroll this year of $102,825,181. That is a lot of luxury tax — nearly doubling the amount the team paid to the players and the league. With that kind of a payroll comes outsized expectations — championship expectations. You do not spend that kind of money without expecting to win a […]